My name is Andrei, nice to see you here.

I am the founder of Desfro Studio and i am glad you are reading theese next few lines. I first started coding and joking around with web developement back when i was just a child and since then i just could no stop for a moment. I am a native perfectionist and i will always make sure everything i do is perfect in all possible ways.

Together with my team, i want to offer our clients the best product money can buy. We will make sure that every project that we ship to production will be more than ready to attract customers and to make the client's business grow.

Chiscan Andrei, CEO Desfro Studio

Andrei Chișcan

Web developer & UI/UX Designer

Loredana Cojocaru, Social Media Manager Desfro Studio

Loredana Cojocaru

Social Media & Marketing

Daniel Chibici, designer Desfro Studio

Daniel Chibici

Brand Identity Designer

Alex Tanase, web developer @ Desfro Studio

Alexandru Tanase

Web developer

What sets us apart?

You can count on us.

We take design really serious

A great product or service can be abandoned by a user if the design is not clean and easy to use. This is why we care a lot about the user experience when we design our projects.

We write quality, maintainable and scalable code

The advantages of having a project with a clean and maintainable codebase are endless. Updates and fixes will be really easy to get done in the future.

We treat your project like our masterpiece

With every project we work on, we do our best to make it as good as possible. We will always treat every project as if it were our own.